Spraying Paint With Glow In The Dark Powder

Spraying Paint is a wonderful art that requires an elegant hand and great craft to get good results. Practice time is just learning to master the art of brush strokes. It is difficult to use a combination of the trigger and the distance of the brush. But if you have ever seen a talented gun artist, you will be amazed at what they can create. This is the article against the artist. I suggest you try to make your art shine!

The glow in the dark powder has been around for some time. Zinc sulfide was developed in the early 18th century. These are still cool, but the glorious life of up to only half an hour. Over the past two decades, the light in the darkness has gone a long way. Developed a compound called strontium aluminate, the scientists added a so-called europium activator! You have a substance that can last up to 13 hours. I will not elaborate on how to store and release energy here, but I really want to explain how it works in the gun.

Glow in the dark powder has eight different colors. Red, white, blue, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange. Yellow, orange, yellow, green, add color, make it glowing yellow or orange. The rest are their true colors. They can have many different day colors. Red, purple, blue in the daytime is white. Green and cyan are gray and have a slightly yellowish green tone. Orange and yellow in the daytime like the color. White has white daytime color. These colors may differ from those of the supplier, and the colors listed are the colors of Jolin Corporation.

The luminous time of yellow-green for 12 hours, blue-green is 8 to 10, purple yellow and orange is 4 hours. Red is half an hour, white for about 10 minutes.

The powders also come in different mesh or grain sizes. For Spraying Paint & Airbrushing I highly suggest using the finest mesh glow in the dark powder available.

You will also get varying degrees of light depending on the size of the particles from your glow paint. The smaller the size, the less the time of light. But the added layer enhances the luminous intensity.

This is a thorny part of the Spraying Paint in the dark powder; because it is granular, it tends to clog the brush more than just using a gun paint.