PPA masterbatch processing aid applications:

  • PPA processing aid masterbatch is a fluorine-containing polymer masterbatches for the polymer processing infrastructure.
  • PPA masterbatch processing aids are widely used polyethylene (including LLDPE, MLLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HMW-HDPE, LDPE, VLDPE), ethylene – vinyl acetate (EVA), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC ), polystyrene (PS), nylon, polyester PET, as well as PC, ABS and other engineering plastics processing.
  • PPA masterbatch processing aids can be used in thin film (blowing, drawing and casting) processing; wire, plates, tubes, profiles, wire coating extrusion process; also applies to the pigment dispersion technology and thin-walled blow technology products.
  • PPA masterbatch processing aids by the United States FDA food grade certification and potable water grade WARS certified products.
PPA masterbatch

PPA processing aid masterbatch features:

  • Improve product surface quality, increase surface gloss and transparency; eliminate die plot material; reduce melt fracture, rupture reduction, extending the continuous production time, reduce scrap, improve the processing properties of the resin;
  • In the process of color film can improve the vividness of the film; while reducing the melt pressure, reduce current consumption, increase product quality extrusion, improve production efficiency.
  • Significance of co-extruded film: gloss products for some improvement, improve resin processability, improve co-extruded extrusion efficiency and reduce resin processing temperature, you can use a narrower die design, compound and no impact.
  • The first time you use the PPA processing aid masterbatch four hours before the boot is recommended to use a ratio of 4 to 5 percent, the normal production proposals ratio of 1 to 2%. Users can add to adjust the ratio according to different products.

PPA processing aid masterbatch in polymer processing that can play a role in:

  • Reduce the apparent viscosity, pressure extruders and extrusion temperature;
  • Reduce or even eliminate the phenomenon of melt fracture and die product material phenomenon;
  • Reducing color change time and has a screw cleaning ability;
  • Broaden the processing capacity of existing equipment. Reduce the extrusion process and oxidative gel crosslinked gels;
  • Excellent high temperature processing performance;
  • Product with exceptional appearance and cost advantages.