Pink red glow powder


Product Description             Photoluminescent pigment

Model                        PR-B3

Glow Color              Pink red

Application Scopes

Screen printing ink, brush/roller/spraying paint indoors, dips plastic

coating, injection/extrusion/casting plastic, silicone rubber molding, etc.

Pink red glow powder pr-b3
Pink red glow powder

Typical chemical properties

Composition            Strontium Aluminate dopped with Europium Dysprosium oxides.

Insoluble in             organic solvents

Decomposition by        Strong acids, strong alkalines

Fastness to heat          -40~230℃

Typical physical properities

Appearance             Pink crystal powder

Specific gravity          3.6g/cm3

Bulk Density            1.21g/cm3

Particle size distribution   D10: 8-15um, D50: 35-45um, D90: 60-70um.

Typical luminescent properties

Excitation               all visible light and UV light (200~450nm better)

Glow Color              Pink red

Afterglow Intensity after

10min >80 mcd/m2

60min >10.5 mcd/m2

600min >0.60 mcd/m2

Afterglow intensity(to 0.32mcd/m2): >1100min under norm DIN67 510

Testing result data


Lifespan:      >15years under well packing condition.


  1. Toxic: NO.
  2. Radioactive: NO.

Other data:

  1. Using Condition(recommended):

With all colorless, transparent medium, such as ink category,paint,plastic resin,

silicone rubber,ceramics,glass etc.

  1. Storage Condition:

Storage Condition: In cool, dry and ventilated place, with temperature -50~60℃

  1. Packing:

20g/100g/500g/1kg/with heat-sealed bags,

25kg/iron pail lined with plastic bags.

  1. Norm Complied:

EN71-3, RoHS, DGM.

  1. Norm Exceeded:

PSPA Class-B, JIS-Z9107 JD.

IMO A.752(18), ISO 23601, UL924,

ASTM E2030/E2072/E2073,

ATPA SS-PS-002-98/SS-PS-004-99,

BS 5499-1 2002, NYC Law 26.

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