Pearl Masterbatch

Pearl masterbatch product was added to make products appear after a multi-angle attractive colors, improve product quality, enhance the visual effect.As we all know, pearlescent masterbatch having a metallic effect and natural pearl soft, decorative excellent products reach pearly shine effect.Customer demand for the production of different plastics used in a variety of colors pearl masterbatch, the product non-toxic green, heavy metal content in line with international standards.

Widely used in injection molding, blow molding, drawing, casting, extrusion processing. PE, PP, EVA, PVC and other plastics. Used in packaging materials, household appliances, wires, cables, toys, plastic products, and other fields.

Low density polyethylene as the carrier, the choice of high-quality pearl pigment as the substrate, with a special process.Color: silver, gold, red, purple, blue, orange, green, purple pearl, bronze, brown, gold and so on.

Selected high-grade pearl powder, through a special polyethylene carrier and additives kneading, applicability, high temperature, non-toxic, suitable for all kinds of plastic.Products with significant pearly brightness, compatibility, and distributed evenly, high concentration, good weather resistance, uniform particles, strong coloring, color, quality according to customer requirements. Is universal level products to meet environmental requirements.

1% to 2% (based on customer requirements), by mixing evenly. Pay attention to moisture during storage and transportation, should be kept dry and ventilated.

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