Luminous Masterbatch

1.luminous masterbatch could be made by mixing luminous powder and transparent plastic raw material together.

2.Adding proportion
Normally the proportion is 2% – 4%, which means adding 4kg-10kg masterbatch into 100kg material. But it is not fixed.It could be customized based on the buyer’s requirement.

Luminous Masterbatch

The carrier of luminous masterbatch is various therefore could be used to dye corresponding plastic material in order to make different notilucent plastic productions.

4.Advantages of using
The luminous pigment could be better distributed in the plastic products.
If making plastic products by simply putting pigment and plastic raw material together, the pigment could not be evenly distributed, which could lead to a result that the luminescence is uneven.

5.Production based on using
Based on the manufacture and methodology of making plastic products, the products could be used to make luminous plastic bags, sticker, mobile protectors, mobile cases, switches and other plastic productions.

The carrier of luminous masterbatch must be the same as that of the plastic raw material, otherwise, the plastic products would be flaking

Luminous Masterbatch
Luminous Masterbatch