Glow in the dark Safety Exit Solution

July 25, 2015, large-scale fire quickly swallowed the famous Las Vegas Avenue Las Vegas Metropolitan Hotel and the casino’s pool deck. If it is not the fast and heroic efforts of CCFD (Clark County Fire Department), this matter may be worse. Due to the high temperatures and flames caused by the foamed plastic trees and plastic huts burning around the pool deck, the metropolitan fire caused incredible dark black smoke.

This smoke is not only visible a few miles away, but also can cause many guests to find a safe way if not the previous Las Vegas fire planning and lessons learned. “We are a very active community and once again reviewing our history, and since MGM and Hilton we are one of the safest communities on Earth,” said Leo Durkin, president of CCF6. The safety of the hotel is better than Clark County.

The leader of the battalion Durkin referred to MGM was the notorious fire of the MGM Grand Hotel, killing 87 people. Most of the 87 people are inhaled smoke because many people do not see signs of EXIT, people are trying to find a safe way. Improving exit security is one of the key lessons learned from this tragic fire.

Smoke rises and can rapidly fill up a hotel room and adjacent hallway. EXIT signs are traditionally placed on the ceiling making it nearly impossible to see during the smoke conditions encountered in a fire because of the smoke blocks out those signs. Placing EXIT signs down low near the floor level can be significantly helpful in these situations. The picture below shows how quickly smoke can obscure wayfinding and signage.

Photoluminescence safety can be the difference between the life of death every second. This is because easy maintenance, fault safety, installation is very easy because there is no need for pipes, wires or special labor.
Clark County learned the lesson after the tragic MGM fire and wrote it into Clark County’s building code, and all hotels should be asked to have a low-level exit sign.

One of the main problems with traditional plastic EXIT signs placed down low is that they are frequently damaged by luggage carts, vacuum cleaners and people accidentally kicking them.  Additionally, they can be costly to install and maintain.  Electric EXIT signs need to be tested monthly (as required by the NFPA) and are expensive to maintain because of electricity, replacement batteries and light bulbs. There is a better alternative glow in the dark EXIT.

Reasons why Photoluminescent signs are better:

– They are better for the environment than back-lit signs that use electricity or batteries

– They are visible during emergencies, including power outages and when smoke reduces visibility

– If you get to an exit and it is compromised, the photoluminescent evacuation sign will clearly show you the way to another exit

– They naturally glow-in-the-dark, no batteries or light bulbs needed

– Every fire fighter that enters the building can clearly see the floor plan and layout of the building  – They increase life safety in your building

When you post photoluminescent evacuation signs, you improve life safety within your building and increase the chances of everyone getting out alive. Enquire about photoluminescent evacuation signs today.