Glow in the Dark Resin application


Step One: Mix the transparent resin and pigment
Step Two: Stir the resin and pigment until there is no visible pigment clump.
Step Three: Pour the glow resin, brush the glow resin or spray the glow resin.

2.Adding percentage of pigment
There is no specific adding percentage; if you want the products have brighter luminescent, the more pigment could be added. However, when the amount of pigment has reached a level, there is no obvious change on the glow brightness when adding more pigment.
When there is no space between pigments, the brightness could reach expected result. Based on this situation, more pigment, much brighter. Normally, when the ratio of pigment and material reach 1:1, more pigment would not have obvious effect on increasing brightness.

glow in the dark resin

3.Brightness of glow resin
The more transparent the material is, the better the brightness is.

4.Pigments for making glow resin
The types of pigment for making glow silicon:
Glow Color: yellow-green, blue-green, green, blue, blue-purple, red, yellow, orange, pink-red.
Heat Resistance: 285, 500 , 1100 Celsius Degree.

Glow in the Dark Resin application: Glow amber, glow golf ball.