glow in the dark plastic application


1.Use noctilucent masterbatch to make glow plastic
Carrier: almost every type of plastic
Adding percentage: normally, the appending percentage: 4%-10%, for example, 100kg PE and 4kg PE noctilucent masterbatch. The adding percentage could be customized based on the requirements, for example 20% or higher.

2.Brightness of plastic
The more masterbatch added, the brighter the product would be.

Glow In The Dark Plastic

3.Pigments for plastic
The types of pigment for making plastic:
Glow Color: yellow-green, blue-green, green, blue, blue-purple, red, yellow, orange, pink-red.
Heat Resistance: 285, 500 , 1100 Celsius Degree.

Glow In The Dark Plastic application:Noctilucent masterbatch, glow print paper, glow sticker, mobile cases, switch.