Glow In The Dark Powder FAQ

What is glow in the dark pigment?

Glow in the dark pigment is also called photoluminescent pigment. It can absorb all visible light, such as UV light, sunlight, etc. After that it will release the light in the dark.

What lights for glow in the dark pigment to absorb?

All visible light can be absorbed by glow in the dark pigment. UV light and sunlight is the best light source

Which kind of medium does pigment can mix with?

It can be mixed with transparent and colorless medium, such as lacquer paint, ink, resin, rubber, silicone, plastic,glass, ceramic. etc. For water base liquids, water resistant pigments are applicable.

Is Jolin’s glow in the dark powder pigment green, safe?

Absolutely, the powder is non-radioactive, non-toxic, and environment friendly. We have EN71-3 certificate to confirm that.

How bright and long does pigment actually glow

The glow effect depends on many factors. Such as surrounding brightness, addition rate, the particle size, light source, etc. Different condition different glow effect.

Such as using in outside, it will be affected by the moonlight and lamp, so the glow effect must different with using in all dark environment.

What is the life span?

Generally, the life span will be 15 years for indoor use. For outside, it depends on the usage and exact environment.

Masterbatch FAQ

What is masterbatch?

It is a solid additive for plastic used for coloring plastics(color masterbatch) or imparting other properties to plastic (additive masterbatch).

How to order masterbatch?

Step 1: Confirm the carrier. The carrier of masterbatch must be the same with the material.


Step 2: Confirm the color. There are two ways:

(1) Give a sample to us. We will make a same sample to the buyer to confirm the color.

(2) If the buyer doesn’t have strict requirement of the color, he/she can just inform us the general international color number (eg.Pantone). We will produce the sample according to the color number and confirm with the buyer.


Step 3: After confirm the sample with the buyer, we will produce the formal order.

How long the masterbatch could be stored?

If stored under a dry and cool environment, the quality of masterbatches will not change even after a long period store,for the pigments fixed on the carrier resin which stay in a closed state.

Does the masterbatch need to be dried before use?

In general it can be used directly except ABS and some expecial masterbatches mentioned, which should be dried according to common method

Does the masterbatches influence the property of products?

Some pigments have effect on flame resistance.If used for flame resistance products should be mentioned as first.

Does the mould have an effect on masterbatches?

If ask for a smooth surface, Good quality mould is needed.

Do you accept Credit Card, Visa, Paypal,etc. payment?

Payment terms is FOB DALIAN/TIANJIN port, by TT (30% deposit), balance against the copy of B/L ,or L/C at sight. Certainly for small quantity, West union ,paypal are also ok.

Will the color of masterbatches fade?

Absolutely No.

Besides coloring, does the masterbatches have flame resistant, brightening, anti-static, anti-oxidation ,anti-ultraviolet functions?

According to the application of products, like brightener, we could have as your requests.