Antistatic Masterbatch

Antistatic masterbatch may be suitable for blow molding, injection molding, extrusion molding method, etc;can be uniformly dispersed in the interior of plastic products,Migrate through the masterbatch active factor and nano materials to the surface of the plastic products to reduce the surface resistivity,dispersed surface charge density, to achieve the antistatic effect;Plastic products does not appear the following phenomena, and to improve:

antistatic masterbatch

From the beauty and health point of view, the majority of plastic products, storage and use must prevent dust absorption, so as not to affect the appearance and performance of the final product.

Having a larger area in the processing of plastic products such as films, fibers,The force generated by the electrostatic charge greatly interfere with the machining process,it will hinder the normal winding films and fibers,At the same time the final product is also an electrostatic charge printability interference.

High performance discharge electrostatic charge can result in damage to the product:Such as the normal operation of an electronic chip packaging and disassembly, and electronic communications, medical equipment and other precision instruments are affected.

Spark discharge will cause a serious accident:For example, in explosive areas,Charge discharging a fire or explosion can occur.

Antistatic masterbatch bag
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Antistatic masterbatch bag