Anti-UV Masterbatch

The use of plastics increasingly wide usage is increasing year by year, this is because the plastic itself has many advantages.But the plastic easy to aging, plastic outdoor exposure without the stabilization process, the poor stability mainly in lost luster, surface cracking, chalking and mechanical capacity decreased, limiting its range of applications.The main factors induced aging of plastic light, heat, oxygen, in addition to its structural plastics, process and other factors; So effective solution aging plastic is particularly urgent.

PPA masterbatch

After light stabilizers, UV absorbers, antioxidants and other additives compound from aging to fully meet the domestic and international standards. It is possible to effectively suppress or reduce the thermal oxidation plastics macromolecules, photo-oxidation rate, significantly improve the heat and light properties of plastic materials, delaying the degradation of the material, the aging process, extend the service life of plastic products.

Anti-UV masterbatch is widely used in plastic bags, container bags (FIBC), artificial turf yarn, geotextile, polypropylene fibers, insect nets, shade nets, plastic greenhouses and other outdoor use.

Item No Anti-UV Masterbatch
Anti-UV Agent 2%-5%
MI (g/10min) 5-10
Melting Point 110 °C(230 °F)
Moisture Content (less than %) 0.2
Granule Appearance Diameter 2.5±0.5mm
Addition Rate 2-5%
ROHS Index qualified
Filler  None
Anti-UV Masterbatch
Anti-UV Masterbatch Greenhouse
Anti-UV Masterbatch